Screenshot Archives – Eric the Bassoon Teacher

In today’s post-Tinder world where there are seemingly endless dating options at your fingertips, it’s important to stand out amongst the crowd. My favorite kind of Tinder-people are probably the ones that really commit to comedy — not just a stupid joke or pickup line in the bio but a well-developed theme throughout the profile. There is plenty of space to work with; it takes ingenuity, creativity, and humor to make the most of that real estate. Plus, they’re enjoyable to read compared to all the headless abs out there.

Eric started out seemingly normal, for the most part. He stood out because he had a nice professional portrait as his main photo. But he soon turned out to be one of my favorite Tinder profiles of all time.




But then this happened…






I was actually laughing at this point. The commitment and execution were both flawless. I swiped right to see what he had to say.



Since by this point he was obviously a troll account I decided to play along.







I got bored pretty quickly with the counting thing over several days and stopped responding eventually, but he never once strayed from his schtick. Although I never did ask why he was playing dead everywhere… a question that will always haunt me.


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