12 Photos Men Should Never Post on Their Dating Profile

Hey guys! I’m talking to you on this first Tinder Tips article. I think men struggle with the idea of what pictures are good vs. bad for an online dating profile, and while I’ve seen many articles on what WORKS, there is a lack of information on what DOESN’T WORK. I found all of the examples below in less than 15 minutes, so clearly there is an epidemic.

Don’t be that guy!

I’ve been asked many times to go through a friend’s tinder photos for approval, and while that is a good place to start, here is a rough guide on the types of photos NOT to post when choosing your profile photos.

1. The Low Angle / Driving Selfie

This is my #1 grievance for men’s tinder profiles. This angle is not flattering for anybody. You could be a supermodel, but you’re still gonna add 3 chins when you take a picture from down low. I think this is a result of guys being shy about taking selfies. If you’re gonna do it, COMMIT.

2. Dead Animals


If you’re into hunting or fishing, just list it in your bio. I guarantee you, seeing you covered in blood is not a good look (BuzzFeed agrees with me), nor is that tiny fish impressive.

3. Every Photo is a Group Photo

How am I supposed to tell who you are? If you don’t have a single photo by yourself, I’m going to assume you’re the ugly friend. Don’t make me do the detective work by finding the common person in each photo, I’ll get bored and swipe left.

4. Pictures of Your Car / Motorcycle

I’m not trying to date a transformer, get out of here.

5. Pictures With a Stranger’s Car


Who are you trying to impress? I know you don’t own a Ferrari. Do you think you’re cooler for standing in the presence of someone rich? Humbleness is a virtue (and more attractive than snobbiness).

6. Pictures With Attractive Girls

I’m going to assume that girl is either your ex, someone you went on a date with, or a model you posed next to, all of which are not cool. It doesn’t inspire a competitive spirit or make me think “Wow, I could be standing there”.

7. The Non-Smiling / Mugshot Selfie

This makes you look like you accidentally took a picture while trying to figure out how your camera works. Follow the 3 C’s: If you look like a convict, confused, or constipated, delete it.

8. Every Picture is a Selfie

This screams “I have no friends or hobbies.”

9. Every Picture has Sunglasses

Take them off. Eyes are the window to the soul, and you’re trying to meet another human (I hope). If your face isn’t clearly visible in your pictures, I’m swiping left.

10. Naked Selfie with No Face


If you post a picture of you from your shoulders to your waist, you’re either A) completely full of yourself or B) cheating on someone. There are way more tactful ways of showing off your body in pictures. No one wants to see your pubes.

11. Pictures of Just Your Dog

Your dog is awesome, I agree, but put your face in the photo WITH your dog. Otherwise that’s just wasted real estate.

12. The Gym Selfie


Don’t y’all always put women on blast for this? I put this last on the list because maybe you’re a personal trainer and the gym is a huge part of your life. It can be tactfully done, but I think the majority of guys should stay away from this option for their online dating photos.


This list is not all inclusive. There are definitely many more types of pictures you should not include on your dating profile, but these are probably the most common faux-pas I’ve run into. If you have a specific pet peeve when it comes to men’s Tinder photos, post it below to share more insight!



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