Screenshot Archives – Eric the Bassoon Teacher

In today’s post-Tinder world where there are seemingly endless dating options at your fingertips, it’s important to stand out amongst the crowd. My favorite kind of Tinder-people are probably the ones that really commit to comedy — not just a stupid joke or pickup line in the bio but a well-developed theme throughout the profile. […]

Alex and the Dinner Swap

Hey everyone! This week’s story is early, because I’m going to Hawaii 8). Which means next week’s will be late. *** After I moved to California and decided to start dating again, I had a very successful process in place. I was going on fewer dates with more quality people, for the most part. I […]

Screenshot Archives – Rob the Flake

I have another new type of post today starting a series called the Screenshot Archives – a collection of posts that will come from years worth of capturing my conversations with the idiots I dealt with on a daily basis while online dating. Today I will start with Rob. I can’t give you any backstory […]